Cuglieri will be reborn after the fire

We are stricken, disbelieving, downcast and demoralized. We are blackened by the soot. We have witnessed the destruction of activities, of secular olive trees, the death of animals, we mourn our houses, our stables, our warehouses.

But we fought, we defended ourselves and our community stood firm, hoping to rise again soon. We owe it to our land and to those who will come after us. The union, they say, makes the strength.

Go Cuglieri, go Montiferru, go Sardinia.

Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius is a sentence of Horace: “I have erected a monument more durable than bronze”. It highlights the desire for power and the aspiration to eternity but also the condition of fragility and the destiny of caducity inherent to human nature and its events. This sculpture by Anne and Patrick Poirier reminds us of our monument, our thousand-year-old olive tree of Tanca Manna that was destroyed by fire but is still there, aspiring to eternity. It will not die, it will certainly have suffered a lot, but as our community will rise again.

Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius, Museo Pecci a Prato

The video commissioned to Ottavio Mura in November of last year, should have been used to promote the territory and the tradition of oil production, as we will continue to do. Our activities will soon begin to revive and our beautiful territory to be reborn.

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