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Cuglieri's CCN

Founded in 2018, the Natural Commercial Center of Cuglieri is a non-profit association between entrepreneurs from different sectors: trade, tourism, services, crafts and associations.

"We have decided to band together to contribute to the creation of the tourist destination Cuglieri"


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Human presence on the territory of Cuglieri goes back the Neolithic, as the Domus de Janas of Serruggiu, Pittudi and Fanne Massa testify. The dolmen of Monte Laccana and many others scattered through the slopes of the Montiferru date back to the Megalithic era. .

The city of Cornus, was a Phoenician colony then an important Carthaginian garrison. The confrontation between Rome and Carthage for the supremacy of the Mediterranean, sees Cornus as the protagonist of the defense of the Sardo-Punic people against the Roman army.

At the beginning of the XXth century, Cuglieri, although it had lost its role of province chief town, was a prosper city, which benefitted from modern services such as current water, sewage system and public lightning.