The Centro Commerciale Naturale of Cuglieri is a non-profit association between entrepreneurs from different sectors: trade, tourism, services, crafts and associations.

Founded in July 2018 with the aim of promoting the development of the territory of Cuglieri and form a solid network of activities that stands out for the quality of its services, experience, competence and variety of the offer. Our Goals: To consolidate the small local activities and proximity and preserve the vitality of village life, the maintenance of local traditions, the quality of human relations between residents, traders, tourists, the creation of new activities, essential to avoid the desertification of small villages, develop the attractiveness of the territory through a project to create an innovative "tourist destination". We also decided to band together in order to enhance our vast and beautiful territory, which offers an incomparable quality of life.


Andrea Ponte, president and treasurer
Cristina Piras, vice president
Dory Perria, Luisa Ulleri, Alessandro Zuncheddu advisors.


Andrea Ponte Bridge Bar
Cristina Piras, Professional holistic center Relevium
Nicola Bendo, Chiosco Bastiano and Market Crai
Dory Perria, Ottica
Massimiliano Marraffa, FdM_Il fotografo del Montiferru
Paolo Manca, Chiosco Manca
Simone Catteddu, Gas station Q8
Teresa Silvagni, pharmacy
Sergio Irde, Pizzeria Asterix, Ghibli Pub
Pino Porcedda, Hotel la Baja
Sergio Solinas, Hotel Bellavista
Sebastiano Pala, Bar pizzeria da Rino
Erich Motto, ice cream shop Numero 1
Alessandro Zuncheddu, newstand bazar S’archittu

Maria Giovanna Marongiu, Bar Centrale
Sebastiano Curcu, market, newstastand, Gas station
Davide Pirinu, Bar Pizzeria del Capitano
Mariangela Cotzia B&B Torre del Pozzo
Luisa Ulleri restaurant la Scogliera
Anna Rita Collu, newsstand – tobacco
Enrico Sechi, Sardinian handicrafts, photographic prints, seaside items
Mario Costa, Art and jewelry
Stefania Fara, Esseffe real estate services
Gianfranco Attene, Building materials F.lli Attene
Sporting Association Nautilus
Monica Marongiu, Ristorante Mamacita
Valeria Masala, Chocolatery Masala